100 Day Project

Over the past few months, I participated in the 100 Day Project. The point of this project is to be creative for 100 days. Whatever works for you, some small task, a big task, several smaller projects, committing to work on one larger project. The important part is that you are doing something each day, and that you share it!

While some projects involved painting, quilting, writing or even singing, I chose to do cross stitch. I had been given these fun new pokemon patterns and thought it was the perfect excuse to dive into them and see how many I could finish in 100 days! I made sure to share my progress on Instagram, with an update each day showing the new work I did that day.

I wasn’t sure how much I could really do in just a few minutes each day, and wondered if I would just finish one or two patterns. Turns out I finished 7 patterns, but that was actually 14 pokemon and 8 badges!

Even though all I had to do was a few minutes, I found I would work for an hour or two in the evening as I listened to an audiobook or watched some tv. As I got more comfortable I found that I could actually go pretty quickly. I averaged just under two weeks for each of the patterns, and was able to do each of those cute Eevee’s in only a day or two.

I enjoyed taking the time to intentionally sit down and do something with my hands; it was good motivation to put my phone down 😉 Since I had to carry it around with me to make sure I worked on them every day, I had some fun interactions with other people too! I got to share a new hobby with friends, and even ended up spending time together with them working on our respective crafts. I met a woman at the airport who pulled out her own cross stitch while we chatted about the funny coincidence we both were working on our projects while waiting for our flight. I also had a number of amusing conversations with the craft store employees when they asked what all the fun colored threads were for.

I progressively got faster and my work clearly got tidier over the 100 days. I even figured out how to stitch without having to tie off the ends of the thread.

The best part was the sense of accomplishment when I had finished it all. I am very proud of all of my hard work and enjoyed having something I could feel like I was making progress on while my everyday research work was going pretty slowly. It reinforced the fact that I should make sure to dedicate time, even just a few minutes, to be creative.

I’ll be taking a cross-stitch break before I tackle one my much larger patterns, but I’ll keep up with some crafting! I’m thinking I’ll try to learn embroidery….. 🙂

4 thoughts on “100 Day Project

  1. I love that you participated in the challenge and think this was such a fun way to complete it. Do you have plans for these little gems?

    I, too, find great satisfaction in taking time to put my phone down and be creative. Sometimes it is with graphics, but it is most meditative and rewarding when doing something non-technical with my hands… like painting rocks. Or arranging flowers.

  2. From Brene Brown:

    “Here’s what I’ve learned about creativity from the world of wholehearted living and loving:

    1. “I’m not very creative” doesn’t work. There’s no such thing as creative people and non-creative people. There are only people who use their creativity and people who don’t. Unused creativity isn’t benign. It lives within us until it’s expressed, neglected to death, or suffocated by resentment and fear.

    2. The only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity.

    3. If we want to make meaning, we need to make art. Cook, write, draw, doodle, paint, scrapbook, take pictures, collage, knit, rebuild an engine, sculpt, dance, decorate, act, sing – it doesn’t matter. As long as we’re creating, we’re cultivating meaning.”

    I echo Allison’s question – what will you do with them? I think pillows would be nice……

  3. You should be proud of yourself and your accomplishment. It shows discipline as well as expanding your creative juices. Well done my talented Granddaughter. I also want to know what you’ll do with them.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your progress each day and all the different projects you were able to complete in that time! You did a great job staying committed and working on it every day! I hope you’ll share photos of your progress or completed photos on the projects you do going forward! I look forward to seeing your own designs for the embroidery!

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