Springtime in the Desert

Ever since I came down to Arizona to check out ASU as a potential place to even apply to graduate school, I’ve been told I need to see “the desert in bloom”. Originally, that didn’t sound particularly interesting. Desert? In bloom? Are there even flowers out there?

Turns out it is actually a thing! In the spring, as things begin to warm up (like.. from 70’s to 80’s 😉 ) you can start seeing wild flowers spring up about town and in the typically brown and dry area surrounding Phoenix.

This spring, now that I’ve finished up my course work so my mind is not filled with assignment due dates and project timelines, I’ve had the mental energy to realize – I should go see the flowers!

Which leads us to last weekend, when Alex and I went on a hike specifically to see some pretty flowers. We went up to north Phoenix to the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve and did a good section of the simple Apache Wash Loop.

While these trails are more flat and mountain-bike friendly than a true clamber around rocks kind of hike, they did provide a nice way to wander around the desert plants and see some nice flowers! It’s an interesting contrast to see cute colorful blooms in an otherwise dry and dusty landscape.

So here’s a taste of springtime in the desert!

3 thoughts on “Springtime in the Desert

  1. I’m so delighted you guys ventured out to find the flowers! Looks lovely and I’m very interested in going on a little hike with you. Which flowers were your favorites?

  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers you encountered on your hike. They are beautiful.

  3. I love those cheerful golden California poppies so much! Thanks for sharing your adventure through pictures!

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