Fun Facts About My Wedding

In general, I had quite a fun time planning and putting together the celebration for Alex and I’s marriage. I love making spread sheets and being organized and I enjoyed finding small ways to be creative in preparation for the big day. Since it would be a bit tedious to walk you through the 11+ months I spent planning, I figured I’d reduce them to the highlights – the fun facts! Things you may or may not have known about the process and some of my favorite little details…


  1. Alex’s and my rings are engraved. They have the coordinates of where we first met. We had a fun night of playing with google maps, trying to get it exactly right.
  2. We probably looked at more ties for Alex to wear than dresses for me. I’m not sure if this is just because what Alex was looking for was hard to find or if I’m just very decisive when it comes to clothes…DSC_8461
  3. One of our wedding guests’ birthday was on the day of our wedding. We felt grateful and honored that she chose to spend her birthday celebrating with us. I put a cupcake sticker next to her name on the seating chart and made sure to have a birthday card for her.
  4. We started to plan our wedding 2 months before we were actually engaged. This admittedly felt kind of weird for a little while… but we were sure glad we started when we did!
  5. Alex and I are the last of his high school friends but the first of my high school friends to be married.
  6. I have a Spotify playlist of all the songs we requested or planned to play at our wedding – it’s pretty fun, go check it out (here)!
  7. We had guests come to our wedding from Slovenia, India, Canada, Hawaii and 11 other states.
  8.  My bridesmaids had a theme; one close friend from each stage of my life – childhood, high school, undergrad, grad school, and the future!DSC_0678
  9. Speaking of bridesmaids… two of them realized they’ve lived in the same neighborhood for a year and probably had run into each other before. (They’ve since partied together, without me 😉 )
  10. In keeping with our forest theme, I hand painted the table numbers with different species of trees.
  11. We shared three vendors with Alex’s sister and brother in law from their wedding in June. The vendors were all happy to come back to familiar faces!
  12. We had an unusually long “Do-not-play” list according to our DJ. Not sure why he was complaining, there was still a lot of great music to choose from!
  13. My dress required 10 bustles to pin up the train just right. (A requirement which convinced me not to chop the train off all together.  …. I may still do that anyways… )
  14. We spent $163 on postage alone.
  15. Our officiant was a good friend of Alex’s. He did a wonderful job, though when Alex first asked him, he missed the whole officiant part and thought we wanted him as a groomsman until his wife pointed it out to him.
  16. All of our stationary from invitations to table assignments were designed by me. Finding the perfect font can really do wonders…
  17. We got over 900 pictures back from our photographer and another couple hundred from guests.
  18. We had salmon and macaroni and cheese for dinner (among other things) – which are Alex’s and my favorite foods. (And everyone could not get over how great that macaroni and cheese was 🙂 )
  19. Alex got stung by a bee the day before our wedding and when he texted me about it, he tried to convince me it was on his face. (it was his leg… and he ended up having to take steroids throughout our honeymoon for it!)
  20. Out of the 8 nights we were in New York for our honeymoon, we attended broadway shows on 6 of them; Come From Away, Kinky Boots, STOMP, Drunk Shakespeare, The Play The Goes Wrong, and Aladdin.
  21. This is my favorite RSVP we got back –>
  22. We were married in the World Forestry Center which is cool in it’s own right. However, it’s also home to Peggy the Train.
  23. I made 9 separate versions of the timeline, each for a different subset of people.
  24. During the first 60 days of our marriage, I was out of the country (without Alex) for 30 of them.
  25. Alex proposed to me twice. For fun.
  26. I plan to alter my dress so that (hopefully) I can wear it each year for our anniversary.
  27. I designed and ordered our wedding album in one day. I was just that excited 🙂
  28. My wedding dress hung (and continues to hang) on a hanger made by my great grandmother that she told me should be saved for ‘something special’.
  29. Our dads were the witnesses on our marriage license.
  30. This may or may not be my favorite picture from our wedding;DSC_9007


4 thoughts on “Fun Facts About My Wedding

  1. Really enjoyed this post and reading these fun facts about your wedding! You put so much effort into making the day special and fun for EVERYONE.

    My favorite point might be that both of your rings are engraved with Bellingham coordinates. So fun to have your wedding playlist. Listening to it brings back great memories.

  2. You certainly made your wedding something special for everyone. I really appreciated your thoughtful attention to detail, and your desire for your guests to all feel welcome and important. And yes – the right font can make a world of difference!

  3. I LOVED reading the tidbits of your engagement, wedding and honeymoon.

  4. What a fun post! I learned stuff I didn’t know (like the first and last friends stat and the bridesmaid theme)

    Ties are important, finding the right one takes time.
    That may or may not be one of my favorite pictures as well, though I did really like the RSVP – the photo of it is good, but it’s even more impressive in person

    It was a great day, a wonderful time was had by all!

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