Dreaming of a Gray Christmas

With the coming of December, comes the holiday/Christmas season. This year will feel a bit unusual since we will be celebrating in the desert! Typically the wintry season is full of rain and puddles, a chill in the air, and a possibility of snow.  This year, in Arizona, we are rejoicing in reasons to wear sweaters and relying on endless Christmas music to signify the season.

Another way we’re getting into the Christmas spirit is decorations! So I’ll give you a tour,

Tiny snowmen and wintry mason jars that are products of post-Thanksgiving craft day;



Penguin gels – high enough so kitty can’t attack them (with a cameo of the photographer and Alex playing computer games with friends);



And the wonderful tree! This is the first tree Alex and I have decorated together. I went for a more colorful theme, but Alex contributed a few gems like these happy squishy stars and moon;



Our tree is surrounded by beautifully wrapped gifts (if I do say so myself) that we will soon be giving away to friends and family, and every time I look at them I think about how happy and grateful I am to have so many people in my life to share the joy of the season with.


Here’s wishing you a great holiday season! And don’t worry, Alex and I will get our gray christmas eventually 🙂

8 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Gray Christmas

  1. Your apartment looks very festive and cheery! If one were to avoid looking out the windows, or at the thermostat, you might believe you were celebrating in the grey and white of the northwest. I wish you rain for Christmas! 🙂

  2. I’m very happy you’ve offered us a virtual tour to show all your cute decorations! The happy celestial bodies are delightful. And how nice you have a full length mirror on which to put your penguins so they aren’t attacked like the easter egg gels were. 🙂 Does Felix sit and howl at them or has he not noticed them up there that high? Beautiful gifts, by the way.

    1. He hasn’t noticed them yet so doesn’t howl at them from the floor. However, if you hold him up near them he’ll try to take a few swats at them.

  3. Looks like you can celebrate Christmas in style, even in Arizona – way to go!

  4. Your apartment looks so nice and festive. Your tree is decorated beautifully 👍 Every thing look perfect. 😊
    Enjoy this beautiful Christmas season… Where ever that may be 💓🤗

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