We’ve made it to Tempe! (The first couple weeks)

With a new adventure [grad school] comes new places [Tempe]! After an exciting summer of travel, Alex and I packed up our belongings and began the three day trek to Tempe, AZ. The drive was relatively uneventful and most of the time was spent listening to Harry Potter audiobooks. [They really make the time go by].

After the drive, comes unpacking and getting settled! It took us a few days, and countless trips to both IKEA and Bed Bath and Beyond, but we did it! Our place feels pretty cozy… I think the decals really add.

IMG_5382 IMG_5383 IMG_5384

Alex’s workspace area is a bit under construction for reasons that I’ll mention later.


IMG_6671Once we got settled, Alex went off to Florida for aikido while I hung out and had some of my first meetings for research. The next adventure was a trip to Montana for a wedding! Alex was a groomsman and I got to go along for the ride. It was a lovely event and we were so happy to see our friends tie the knot.


After the brief matrimonial interruption, it was back to preparations for grad school for me and the job search for Alex. Unfortunately, while I was running around learning how to properly respond to a lab fire, how to dispose of with hazardous waste (something you rarely come across in astronomy… Hmm… radioactive moon IMG_5385rocks??) and how to navigate a new campus, Alex was trying to troubleshoot his way out of a serious computer crash. Turns out the motherboard decided to reject the RAM (at random times). We never really figured out the exact problem, but after almost a week new parts arrived and the reconstruction began!

Once the hardware is fixed… it’s time to address the software issue. Here’s to hoping for a quick recovery.


That’s all for the life-update. More grad-school-updates to come shortly!

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  1. Yay for new adventures! Your apartment is awesome. I love the decals on the walls. They had personality and color. So sorry about Alex’s computer crash.

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