Happy Birthday Felix!

This month it’s Felix’s 10th birthday! Woo! Typically I don’t make a huge deal out of Felix’s birthday because I don’t know exactly when his birthday is and Felix doesn’t really know when it’s his birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰

But this year, moving into the new decade, Felix is a whole decade old! That’s crazy! Seeing as Siamese cats live around 15-20 years, it marks Felix’s transition to a middle-aged and older cat. Given how small and energetic he is, it’s hard to believe he’ll soon be an old-man-cat.

I adopted Felix when he was 9 weeks old with his brother, Figaro. Unfortunately, Figaro adventured a bit too far from home and passed away too soon. However, Felix has been my constant companion for the past 10 years. Adopting Felix was one of the first things my family did when I moved up to Bellingham, getting a new pet was an attempt to soften the blow of moving across the state in the middle of my high school career. Having a fuzzy, friendly feline was very comforting as I adjusted to a new school and city, and Felix has provided that same kind of comfort while I finished high school, navigated college, and even figured out life as a graduate student. We have become best buds. After a brief stay with Alex’s family, Felix made the trek down to Arizona – in his own private plane flown by Alex’s father, Lynn. He meowed so loudly that he would cue the mic and talk to air traffic control. We continue to hear that loud admonishing meow when we come back from a trip and Felix must tell us how much he missed us and how dare we leave him for a few days.

Felix is such a sweetie, he loves to watch the birds out the window and lounge in the sun. He loves cuddles and being with his people – he’ll follow us around the house as we transition from one activity to another. He’s often very equitable – he’ll snuggle with Alex as often as he snuggles with me. He’s a friendly cat, and when he meets someone new he’ll want to give them some snuggles too. He always comes out to say hello when we get home, and is a very good companion. We love him very much, and are so happy he’s in our lives. So to celebrate the past 10 years, and to bring in another 10 years of a happy and healthy cat, here’s Felix over the past decade!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Felix!

  1. Happy birthday Felix. I loved seeing the photos of him over the past decade. Heโ€™s a very handsome middle-aged cat. Iโ€™m so happy heโ€™s been such a wonderful companion to you.

  2. These all made me smile. Felix is such a good little cat and companion. Never gets into trouble, always sweet and friendly. Its so nice that he shares the love so equitably with Alex, and that Alex is such a great human companion for Felix. Felix has been a warm and welcome addition to your life the past decade, and I hope he’s around and healthy for another decade.

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